YouTube Channel Spotlight: The Average Cyclist

The Average Cyclist - Vlogger

There’s a lot of cycling vloggers out there, but just recently one stood out to me as a great new one to follower. “The Average Cyclist” is a new channel by a gentleman named Matt who has stated that he wants to create videos that are aimed at the masses of average cyclists out there (like me).

I find the concept very interesting as there are a lot of vloggers that focus on points that are irrelevant to many, such drafting techniques for club riding. There is definitely a place for such videos, but they’re just not for me.

Matt’s channel appeals to me because he undertakes long term reviews of products. This is exactly the type of content I am trying to publish, but in written form as opposed to a video. For me, long term reviews mean much more than a quick review after receiving the product. The initial period of excitement that I get when I purchase a new product will have long gone, allowing me to write a fair review based on experience.

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My favourite video so far:

Supplements to improve your ride can get very expensive, so Matt’s video on alternatives that do not cost a fortune is a refreshing watch. I encourage every new cyclist to watch it before getting carried away with supplements or cycling specific nutrition. There’s definitely a place for it, but if you’re looking to save money, it is definitely worth watching.