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Taking Strava Seriously: Council in Ireland Adds Strava Segment Signs

Strava Road Markings in Northern Island

The Clare County Council in Ireland has installed signs marking Strava segments so cyclists know exactly when to put in as much effort as possible to chase KOMs. Why? No longer do you have to roughly guess the start and finish. This means you don’t have to waste vital energy starting early or sprinting for long after the segment ends.

So far the council has installed signs at three different segments in the county and I for one hope that other councils follow in their footsteps (I’m looking at you, North Lincolnshire Council!).

Segments with these signs installed

If the above wasn’t enough, the signs also feature built-in NFC chips (near field communication), meaning cyclists can touch the sign with a compatible smartphone and it will open Strava and show information on the segment.

The rural recreational office for county Clare, Eoin Hogan, is responsible for the project and had this to say:

“Cyclists will be able to get detailed information in advance of tackling a hill and they will also be able to challenge themselves to see how their times compare to the fastest attempts on the hills.”

My Opinion

I am very much in favour of this idea, as it could make cycling a more engaging sport for some. I know I will most likely never get a KOM, but I’d at least like to know when to start and finish my sprints.

What do you think?

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