Louis Garneau Blast Full Finger Glove Review (Long-Term)

Louis Garneau Blast Full Finger Gloves

This review is based on 75 hours of riding whilst wearing these gloves (74 hours and 57 minutes to be precise, according to Strava).

Detailed Opinion:


The entire hand is supported by a ‘Power Mesh’ insert and for the palm there is a perforated gel padding. I’m yet to experience any major discomfort or aches in my hands whilst wearing these, but it is worth noting that I have not spent any longer than two hours at a time wearing them. There is ventilation for your palm in the form of a green ‘X’ (see image below), so your hands do not become sweaty whilst riding. I’ve suffered in the past due to poorly vented gloves and I can honestly say the flamboyant ‘X’ does an excellent job of keeping my hands sweat-free.

However, comfort depends on temperature. I personally do not wear these gloves if the temperature is under 7°C, as I start to experience reduced dexterity and feeling in my fingers. I cannot rate the gloves badly on this point, as they’re clearly not designed for wearing in cold weather.

Louis Garneau Blast Full Finger Glove - Grip/Padding

Fastening the glove is easy and dependable, as they features a Velcro fastener at the wrist. I’m yet to experience any issues with this, and I honestly don’t expect any as it seems well-constructed.


The overall construction of these gloves is excellent, with tight and neat stitching throughout. The only issue is slight fraying of the fabric, as you can see in the image below. The instructions state that these are to be washed by hand, so I’ve only ever done that. With the fraying, I’m not sure I’d like to see whether or not they can withstand a machine wash.

Louis Garneau Blast Full Finger Glove - Finger Fabric


The gloves have been made to fit as close as possible to your skin, which is exactly what I like as it gives me more feeling and control. I personally believe that close-fitting gloves look much more appealing, too.


For £11.99, they are outstanding value-for-money and a solid all-rounder in terms of performance. I purchased these gloves with the expectation that I would wear them purely for commuting to and from work, yet I find myself reaching over other gloves I own for these. They offer a mixture of comfort and ventilation that really appeals to me.

Additional Information

  • Price (When Purchased): £11.99 (Evans Cycles)
  • Colour Options: Red, Yellow & Black

Do you have these or similar gloves? I’d love to know your thoughts, so please leave your comments below…

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