I Wish Operation ‘Close Pass’ Would Come to North Lincolnshire

Close Passing a Cyclist

Operation ‘Close Pass’, as it has been dubbed, is aimed at decreasing the amount of close passes that take place when cycling. There are police forces across the UK that have taken on this task, but Humberside Police do not seem to be one of them (yet?).

How Does the Operation Work?

Plain clothes police offers on bikes will notify colleagues further ahead of any dangerous overtakes that take police. Their colleagues will then stop the drivers and offer road-side education on how to pass cyclists safely.

If the road-side education is refused, then you’re likely to face prosecution as a result of your actions.

Why is this needed in North Lincolnshire?

Below are my two most recent experiences of close passes. These both took place on my commute to work on the morning of the 8th June.

Sadly these dangerous overtakes are common. It would be easy for me to blame the police for not running operation ‘Close Pass’, but no one is to blame other than the drivers who have so little regard for the safety of cyclists.

The second close pass:

Do Humberside Police Have any Intention of Running the Operation?

I have tried reaching out to Humberside Police for their opinion on the operation and whether or not there is any chance of it coming to the region, but I have not had a response. That isn’t to say they aren’t doing it or they’re doing a bad job by not responding, but I will continue to chase them for an answer, as dangerous overtakes are a complete disregard for life and need to be stopped.