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Would You Buy a Bike From Amazon?

Buying a bike from Amazon

Mongoose, the bicycle manufacturer that produces mountain, gravel and BMX bikes, today (19 April 2017) announced that it will start selling it’s full range of bikes via the Amazon US website.

Their reasoning:

“Consumers are increasingly moving online for not only bike research, but also purchases,” says Milissa Rick, senior director of marketing for Mongoose. “By expanding the Mongoose line to Amazon, we’re meeting the consumer where they’re already looking.”

This lead me to ask myself the following –

Would I buy a bike from Amazon?

In all honesty, it has never crossed my mine to do so. The only bike I’ve bought online is from Evans Cycles, and I still visited one of their stores to make sure it was the bike I wanted and that it fit well.

I’m a huge advocate of supporting and visiting bike shops that are not only good, but also friendly. They’re like a micro-community as they bring like-minded people together. However, I understand that not everyone has access to such bike shop so purchasing online may be their only choice.

If you’re definitely set on buying a bike online, does it matter whether or not you choose a company such as company dedicated to cycling products or Amazon? In my opinion, it shouldn’t matter at all, especially in the case of Mongoose, as you’re going to be receiving the bike directly from them, cutting out the middle-man.

Assembly of a bike purchased from Amazon will be no different than if you were to buy from any other online retailer. For example, you’ll still have to set the handlebars, pedals and perform a little fine-tuning.


Purchasing online is a convenient option if you know what size bike you require.

However, if you don’t know what size to get, it is worth noting that a properly fit bike will be completely different to one that does not. It is as different as day is to night. A poorly fitting bike can lead to pains and aches throughout your body. For this reason alone it is worth visiting your nearest bike shop for a fitting. Who knows, they may even have the bike for you in-store so you don’t need to go away and purchase online.

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